Tips voor zomerse vakantiefoto’s van je kids!

Tips for summer vacation photos of your kids!

Yes, summer! Time for making new memories with the whole family. Whether in the Netherlands or abroad, we make something beautiful out of it. Do you want to capture all the fun moments this summer? Then read on, because with these tips you will take the very best summer photos of your kids!

#1 | Share their perspective

Sink your knees or sit on the ground before taking the picture. This way, you'll be at the same height as your kids and see the world from their perspective. Moreover, photographing can be less forced for little ones when you are relaxed on the ground.


#2 | Let them PLAY

It's vacation, (almost) anything goes. Playing and fooling around, with a feeling of infinite freedom. To capture this feeling in a photo, you will have to photograph your children at a time when they are busy. So let them run, jump, scramble. Keep your camera with the right settings at hand, but don't take the picture until you think the moment is right. Otherwise you take the spontaneity out of the moment, and you'd rather not.



#3 | Backlight

To properly capture the feeling of a summer evening in a photo, you can work with backlighting from the sun. When you photograph your children's profile during sunset, you perfectly convey that warm summer evening feeling in the vacation photos.



#4 | Using fast shutter speed

Kids never sit still, especially when you're taking photos. Therefore, use a fast shutter speed. Would you rather capture a longer moment or movement? Then read this blog how to work with a long shutter speed.


#5| Smile!

Do you want a lovely, happy portrait of your little one? Then don't start with 'cheeeese', because then you will probably see a row of teeth and the spontaneity is nowhere to be found. You can only get a real smile when children are really laughing. So make a joke, a funny sound and act crazy!


#6 | The not-so-static family photo

A vacation photo of your family is something you really want to have. But preferably not so static, so no laugh-out-loud birdie this time. Turn around, focus on each other instead of the camera. Play with height, take a leap or go for a cool background.


Tip: Try taking this photo with a self-timer. A passerby will be more likely to wait until you are posed and smiling at the vol. With the self-timer, you can go all out yourself!


Want to hold onto this wonderful summer feeling? Print out your vacation photos! There are plenty of fun options at Instawall. Choose for example for an Instawall on aluminum, photo book or print your favorite vacation photos large on plexiglass for on the wall. This will keep you daydreaming about that wonderful vacation.

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