Long exposure foto's maken met je smartphone

Taking long exposure photos with your smartphone

Let's move! Photograph motion with your phone

Using a slow shutter speed is also known as long exposure photography. Photographers use this to capture a slower moment or movement. But did you know that you can also just do this with your phone?

Toronto foto

Longexposure foto

To take a long exposure photo, you will need to fix your phone; it should not move. This can be a tripod for your phone, but putting it against an edge is also possible. At the bottom of this blog we explain exactly how to set up your iPhone or smartphone to take a long exposure photo.

Long exposure photography in the city

The city is an ideal environment to capture movement. You can capture a place while the city is literally racing through it. This way you freeze a slice of time in one photo.

Longexposure foto in de stad

In public transport

Trains, streetcars, subways - public transport is a perfect place for long exposure photography. Let the subject of your photo stand as still as possible in front of the train and then shoot the picture.

Long exposure foto OV

Waterfalls, rivers and the sea

These are a classic photos you can take with long exposure. The moving water gives you a nice effect in your photo

Long exposure waterval

Long exposure waterval

Long exposure foto

Run, spin and dance

Capture children running through the picture, spinning a dress or doing a cartwheel. A long shutter speed lets you capture it all.

Long exposure foto

At the beach

Extra nice to take long exposure photos just after sunset. This way you capture the most beautiful colors with your phone.

Long exposure foto strand


Long exposure can also be interesting & fun with a portrait because it makes your subject appear mysterious. Give it a try! Happy with the result? Have it printed large on a photo print, for example.

Long exposure portret foto

Here's how to do it on iPhone: use live photos

To take a long exposure photo on your iPhone, use live photos.

- Turn on Live Photos. To do this, tap the circle at the top of your camera.
- Hold your camera as still as possible and take the photo.
- Open the photo in your camera roll and go to 'edit'
- Swipe up to reveal the effects section. Here you can choose the long exposure option.
- The photo will be adjusted. Done!

iPhone instructie

Set your own shutter speed?

iPhone long exposure photos are nice, especially since you don't have to download an app. What is unfortunate is that you can't choose exactly how long the shutter speed is. You will notice that it is sometimes a little too long and you can get a lot of blur in your picture. Want more options? Then download an app like Lightroom or Slow Shutter Cam. These offer more options for setting the shutter speed.

How to do it on Android

Most android phones already have an option to choose your own shutter speed, so it's very simple. Below, for example, you can see the Pro Mode in the camera of a OnePlus smartphone. Here you can set the exposure yourself, so you don't need an extra app to take these photos. Handy!

Android instructies

From your phone to the wall

Not only are the possibilities of phone photography increasing, the quality is getting better as well. So did you take a great photo? Then you can turn it into your own piece of wall art. Print it large on Plexiglas or dibond aluminum. Let's create!