9 tips voor het maken van schitterende foto's in de stad

9 tips for taking stunning photos in the city

Monuments, parks, people, transportation, busy shopping streets... You'll feast your eyes in a city with so many fun things to see! In order not to get completely lost in the city, we have 9 tips for you to shoot insane photos. So are you going away for the weekend, going on an adventure in your hometown or about to board the plane for your city break? Then read on quickly and take the best vacation photos to be proud of!

1. Greetings from...

Under the guise of 'better to steal something good than to invent something bad', we recommend that you go straight into a souvenir shop and browse through the postcards. There you can get a lot of inspiration in terms of photography of the hotspots and monuments in the area. It may be cliché, but you can put your own spin on it. For example, take the picture from a different angle, use vistas or photograph against the light and get a nice silhouette!

Ansichtkaart stad

2. Sky high

A drone can really create beautiful overview images! But not everyone owns a drone or you are in a place where you are not allowed to fly it. No way! Almost every city has a high point from which you can admire the grandeur of the city. Check the weather first, though, and only then buy your tickets. After all, it may be cloudy or foggy that day and then it's a shame if you can't see anything at all!

Overzicht stad

3. A little lie for your own good

Besides your suitcase, do you also want to unpack your photos on vacation? Then it's time to fool around a bit. Play with compositions, depths and proportions. A building in the distance suddenly looks very small in the photo if you stand meters in front of it. Or take a picture straight from above, while you assume a yellow position on the floor that makes it look like you are flying. We love optical illusions 😍

Foto optisch bedrog

4. Look up

As you wander through a city, you see so much beauty around you. But don't forget to look up! In doing so, discover the most beautiful architecture, including gables, church towers or balconies. Would you like to get a snapshot of such a tall building? Then stand at the foot of the building and photograph standing up. Or choose to capture a detail of the whole thing. Again, it's cool to play with the light so you get beautiful sun flare or silhouettes in your photo.

Kijk omhoog architectuur

5. It's all about the details

Details really give character to a city. So try to shoot close-ups in addition to your overview photos. This will give you a much more complete picture of your vacation. So grab your camera when you come across colorful doors, special cars, beautiful flowers or gorgeous tile work. Those details make all the difference!

Details stad

6. Atmospheric people

You don't always have to wait until everyone is out of sight to take a picture. To really add atmosphere to your photo series, it is very nice to take pictures of the locals as well. A market is a very good place for this, as it is swarming with people. Are fishermen just returning from sea to sell their catches at the market? Are the street musicians playing swinging music? Are the terraces full of all sunbathers? Capture it! This really gives you a glimpse into the daily life of your visited city. Want to photograph someone up close? Then be sure to ask for permission first ;)

Lokale bevolking

7. Choose your moment

Do you like to get up early? Lucky you! Going out early with your camera has two advantages. First, you do not have so many tourists blocking your view and second, you can catch the sunrise. If you are a real late sleeper, you still have a chance of getting some great shots at the end of the day. It may not be so quiet anymore, but you will have the best light of the day. During this moment, also called golden hour, the sun almost sets and creates a golden glow. Great photos are guaranteed!

Golden hour

8. Magical evening

Wait a little longer to put your camera away once the sun has set. After all, night is also magical in the city! The secret to a good night shot is to turn off your flash, use a slow shutter speed and use a tripod or other stable surface. This will give you just as sharp a photo, get the lights of the city very nicely in focus and you can even play with light lines!

Stad bij nacht

9. I see what you don't see

A simple tip for original vacation photos: make use of reflections! Think of windows, mirrors, shop windows, cars and water. And if it has been raining, take advantage of the puddles on the street. After all, you can take beautiful photos in the reflection. Walk around and find the best angle to take the picture!

Reflectie foto

We are very curious about your results! Share your photo of your favorite European summer moment on Instagram or Facebook with #summermomentEU and get a chance to win your very own Instawall Aluminum L!

Enjoy your trips and happy shooting!

Love, team Instawall