8 tips voor het maken van je eigen mooie Instawall

8 tips for creating your own beautiful Instawall

Have you also taken so many photos that your phone storage is overflowing with them? Time to sort out all those snapshots. Plenty of fun to choose from, but how do you turn your Instawall into a true work of art? These 8 tips will definitely get you started!

1. Let's start

Before you start creating your photo collage, it's wise to think about what your starting point is. For example, do you want to make a collage of photos from a particular photo shoot, people, an event, a cool trip or the highlights of the year? That way you can be focused!

Instawall bruiloft foto's

2. Kill your darlings

Time to upload your photos! We can imagine it's hard to choose between all those beautiful snapshots. Be selective and try to pick the best/beautiful/valuable ones. This will leave you with a nice selection that are Instawall-worthy 😉

3. Find your filter

Color can play an important role in putting together your Instawall. Do you find it important that your photo collage looks calm and fits into your interior? Then think about what shades you would like to have in it. You could already pick your photos based on that. Do you have photos in many different colors? Then you can choose to use a filter. This way your Instawall will really become one. In our tool we have a black and white filter that you can apply to all or part of your photos. In addition, nowadays there are many good photo editing apps with which you can boost your photos, such as Pixlr, Afterlight, VSCO or just through Instagram.

Kleur of zwart-wit in je interieur

4. Personalized print

Want to make your creation a little more personal? Then use quotes and/or prints. We have in our tool all kinds of quotes in the field of wedding, vacation, family and love. We also have plenty of nice prints in our tool that give your Instawall that extra touch! If you want to make your Instawall really personal, you could also use pictures of handwritten bills or sand texts. Get creative!

Familie quotes

Quotes in je fotocollage

5. Create your story

In addition to the quotes and your own photos, it is also fun to place atmospheric images in your collage, such as beautiful plants, skylines, animals and textures. This way you create more peace and quiet in the collage and it can make your 'story' just that little bit more complete.

Sfeerbeelden en foto's

6. Cut and crop

Chances are you will find a lot of portrait and landscape photos in your album. If you use those photos in your Instawall, the tool will always grab the center of your photo. This can sometimes result in crazy cuts, such as "severed" heads or footless legs. Not to worry! In the tool, you can use the 'crop photo' option to define your own square frame. No more half faces on the wall!

Bijsnijden foto Instawall

7. Fresh or cool

In the Instawall tool we work with 2 different grid colors: white and black. White often gives a more calm and fresh effect and black on the other hand has a more rugged look. You can also choose different outlines, namely thick, normal or no outline. Do you have a lot of contrasting images? Then no grid is very nice if you want a clean, slightly more modern looking Instawall.

Zwart, wit of geen grid voor je collage

8. Stick to yourself!

Of course, the most important thing is to make an Instawall creation that YOU love! You can always take a look at our lookbook for inspiration, or on our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Make sure it suits you, and you are happy with it.

Good luck and have fun designing your Instawall! We are very curious to see the result. Share your creation with us using #myinstawall on Instagram or email it to in fo@instawall.nl 🤩