6 tips: zo fotografeer je met je telefoon

6 tips: this is how to photograph with your phone

Capturing beautiful moments razor-sharp is what we want. But did you know that you don't need a professional camera at all? Your phone is enough. With these 6 tips for phone photography you can shoot the most beautiful pictures!

1. Clean lens

You might not say it, but this is the most important step. Clean the lens of your phone! With the heavy use of your phone, the lens gets dirty quickly, this can cause blurry spots in photos.

Fotografie tips iPhone

2. Turn off your flash

The flash on your phone is really more like a flashlight. The flash doesn't reach beyond a few feet. This causes overexposure, red eyes and pale faces. So turn it off!

3. Zoom in with your feet

Zooming in on your phone is a no go. This is because you are zooming digitally and this comes at the expense of photo quality. Try taking a few steps forward or assume the right position to get the perfect photo. Can't do this? Then take the photo just as well without zoom, you can always crop the photo later.

Voeten foto

4. Make sure you have good light

Pay attention to the light while taking your picture. Ask yourself the following questions: does the light create hard shadows? Is the photo not overexposed or too dark?

You can determine the exposure of the photo yourself by tapping the screen; the photo will then be focused immediately.

Belichting iPhone

Determine the exposure yourself.

5. Use a grid

The crooked horizon, an irritation for many. You can easily prevent this by turning on the grid in your camera settings. With the grid you can also immediately apply the rule of thirds. Applying this will make your photos more interesting and calm to look at.

Raster foto

6. Post-edit your photos with an app

With a few edits you can make your phone photography even more beautiful. Add a little more light, some contrast and the photo is Instagram-worthy. Check out our favorite apps.

Prefer one-click editing? Then you can use a preset. You can make your own, or buy one. Please note that your photos are often slightly different, so you will need some minor adjustments after using a preset.

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At Flip Flop Wanderers you can buy travel presets.

Fancy getting started with phone photography? We are curious!

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