3 zomerse fotoprojecten met kinderen

3 summer photo projects with children

Do you have kids or enjoy photographing them? Then these playful photo projects with kids are something for you to pick up this summer. Go out together and create the most fun stories.

#1 | Out and About with.
Going with your kids to the woods, the city or grandparents? Capture the whole day together with the things you undertake. Make a story out of everything you encounter along the way, from the best places to play to sweet animals. With an open mind and camera in hand, capture his or her world. Lovely to look back on later.
Tip| Get down on your knees and photograph from your child's point of view.

#2 | Through the eyes of.
Are you curious how your son or daughter looks at the world? Hand over your phone or camera and really try to let them do their own thing with taking pictures. A little support now and then won't hurt, of course, but that way you can see what they find interesting. For example, will it just be crazy selfies, or will the surroundings get their full attention?

#3 | The Summer of.
Want to really go all out? Then create a separate photo book and focus on the moments you experienced together this summer. Digging in the vegetable garden together, building cabins in the neighborhood and all the great vacation moments. This summer make it into a book!
Tip: Children are often in motion, but did you know that you can give this movement a nice effect to your photos by using a slow shutter speed shutter speed? It is very easy to capture this, just with your phone.